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What is robotics?

Robotics is the branch of technology which deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots in the real world.  

The study of robotics, by its very nature, captures all four legs of STEM very well while a competitive environment increases motivation and desire to succeed, thus creating classroom environments where both knowledge and skill development can flourish without having to compromise one for the other. 

About JLA Robotics

Jefferson Robotics is a group of both male and female students. The class consists of seventh and eighth graders.

Jefferson’s Robotics provides the opportunity for students to learn how to construct robots and learn computer programming.

Jefferson’s Robotics offers the ability to collaborate with other students as well as help them strive for their goals as they reach their highest potential. Student work together to design competitive plays for our robotics competitions, students create a competition manual, and students design and build competitive robots for the Annual Vex “Toss Up” Competition. 

Robotic students at work

Students working on robotics
How to help


If you have expertise in the area of engineering or mechanics, Jefferson Leadership Robotics needs your help.  Contact Mrs. Croft for more information.

Be a Guest Speaker

Be a guest speaker to instruct in the field of engineering or robotics. Contact Mrs. Croft for more information.


Financial Support

With your financial support, Jefferson’s robotics team will be able to participate in regional competitions. In addition, we will be able to purchase consumable, robotics supplies, i.e. motors, batteries, and cables. 

Make checks payable to: Jefferson Leadership Academies

In the memo, please write: Jefferson STEM/Robotics

Donations can be mailed to:

Jefferson Leadership Academies 

ATTN:  Jefferson STEM/Robotics

750 Euclid Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90804