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Parents Locker
11/5/13 9:19 AM
9/1/19 4:50 AM

School Loop Registration

School Loop for Parents/Guardians

Parents/guardians self-register by going to the school's School Loop web site and clicking on the Register Now button. They will need their student's ID# to complete the form. Registration takes less than two minutes.

Register Parents

Once registered, parents/guardians will receive a daily email that includes their child's assignments, progress reports, and school news published for parents.

Once logged in, parents/guardians can add additional children to their account by clicking on the Add Student link from the Tool Box at the top right of their Portal Page.

When a student switches schools in the district, both the student and the parent will need to register new accounts at the new school.

School Loop is a valuable way for you to communicate with the parent community. We believe that students will be more successful if parents and caregivers are informed and in the Loop.