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Dress Code

Uniform Policy

Top Attire

· Solid white, light blue or navy blue collared shirts

· Spirit or club shirts may be worn daily

· Unseen undershirts may be any color

· Visible undershirts must be solid white, light blue or navy blue

· Sweatshirts/sweaters must be solid white, light blue or navy blue

· Rain Gear and heavy coats are for outside use only  – Jefferson colors preferable

· Only uniform colored outerwear may be worn in the classroom

· Hoods must be down at all times except outdoors during inclement weather


Bottom Wear

· Khaki pants or shorts of appropriate length (mid-thigh)

· Khaki skirt or jumper of appropriate length (mid-thigh)

· No denim, no jeans

· Leggings/tights are not appropriate bottom wear

· Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging)

· No sweatpants (cotton or nylon) allowed, except for P.E.



· No open toed shoes, flip flops, slippers, sandals, or heels


Free Dress/Spirit Days

Free dress days are announced in writing and coincide with student rewards, picture days, dances and special events. Students must dress out for PE every day including Free Dress Days.  Students who are awarded a free dress day will receive a free dress sticker. Students adhere the sticker to their ID on their free dress day. Students must wear their permanent ID in order to use the free dress pass.

· Pants/shorts/skirts may not have rips/holes

· Shirts must have sleeves, shoulders should not be ex-posed

· Midriffs must be covered

· Inappropriate language/graphics are not allowed

· Hats are not allowed (unless they follow district guidelines for protection from the sun)

· See-through tops without appropriate tops underneath