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Why join a club?

Here are the top five reasons students should consider joining a club.

  1. Gets Kids Out/Doing Something
  2. Make New Friends/Meet People
  3. Learn New Skills
  4. Learn Teamwork
  5. Lots of Fun!

Get out there and join a club today!


The Go Green Club

Meetings:  Tuesdays during Lunch

Contact:  Mrs. Van Dyck 

Website:  The Go Green Club's Website

For more information about Jefferson's Go Green Club, please visit their website. 

Sewing/Quilting/Crafting Club

Club:  Sewing/Quilting/Crafting Club

Meetings:  Tuesdays 3:45 - 4:40 (Start date TBD)

Location:  Library

Contact:  Mrs. Day,  Rm 

Description:  The Sewing/Quilting/Crafting Club is open to all students (and adults) who would like to learn the art of sewing, quilting and crafting. No experience necessary.  We will create projects together and individually.  Our first group project will be a quilted blanket, which will be donated to a local homeless shelter.  Other projects will include wreaths, mug rugs, grocery bags, pot holders and ideas generated by the Club.  

Equality Club

Meeting:  TBA.  Meetings are canceled on rainy days. 

Contact:  Mrs. Van Dyck

Information: Equality Club supports all people from all cultures. Occasionally we will also have speakers after school, with prior notice.

JLA Book Club

Meetings: Fridays during Lunch

Location: Library 

Contact: Ms. Jackson

Interested students meet weekly to discuss recently-read books and favorite authors. This is a student-led group which collectively chooses book titles each month. The Book Club promotes literacy throughout the campus by organizing and promoting the JLA Book Fair and other library events. 

Gamers Club

Meetings: Wednesdays during Lunch

Location: Room 

Contact: Mrs. Zavatsky

"Game Meeting"  is a social club for students to discuss age appropriate video games for all consoles including PC, tablets, Play Station, Wii, and xbox.  Students set goals and have tournaments in games available in the App Store, such as Geometry Dash and others.  Some students discuss technology upgrades as well as any coding they are writing for their own games, etc.

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