Computers Education – This class will assist students in using the Internet in a scholarly way.  Students will create web sites, learn web design, and utilize a variety of multimedia tools to work on school-wide projects. 

AVID AVID is a program designed to inform and prepare students for college. This class includes tutorials and field trips. 

Long Beach Scholars - Students in the Long Beach Scholars elective will learn skills that will help them become successful in middle school, high school and college. The class will focus on learning study skills, critical thinking, developing relationships to improve grades, and an awareness of colleges and different careers. Students in this class will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively as they explore future possibilities. 

Social ResponsibilityThis course is designed to empower students with new knowledge regarding how they can contribute to their community. Study will include autobiographical writing, community research, career exploration, and community improvement. Central themes are the understanding of self and respect for others, personal responsibility for community improvement, and an understanding of career opportunities that are available.

Student Council – Student Council is involved in the planning and execution of activities to benefit the school and its students by promoting scholarship, cultivating better citizenship and furthering the school spirit.  Student Council encourages cooperation between students and the faculty and upholding the good name of our school. Students must complete an application to participate in Student Council. 

Yearbook/Journalism  In the Yearbook portion of this class, students will focus on the following elements:  purpose of a yearbook, developing a theme, creating layouts and designs, photography, writing, and editing.  In the Journalism portion, students will learn the standards for evaluating a newspaper, evaluating and writing news stories, features, editorials, sports writing, headlines as well as the development and production of the Jefferson newspaper, The Claw.  Students learn proofreading and page makeup.  Students produce two to four issues of the school’s newspaper a year. 

Band – Band consists of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments.  Students must choose one instrument to play in class.  All music classes have evening performances scheduled during the year.  Advanced and Intermediate classes require the teacher’s signature to enroll. 

Orchestra – Orchestra consists of stringed, brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments, students must choose one instrument to play in class.  All music classes have evening performances scheduled during the year.  Advanced and Intermediate classes require the teacher’s signature to enroll. 

Chorus – Students will learn musicianship skills, music theory, and proper vocal technique. Performance participation is mandatory.

Forensic Science/Career Development – During Semester 1, students will explore different aspects of forensic science, including DNA and heredity and their uses in identification, tissue structure and rates of decay, skeletal identification, and technology. During Semester 2, students will have the opportunity to explore different career paths in the course Career Development. Students in this elective may take part in a robotics program.

Office Aide/Teacher’s Aide Students will assist office staff or a teacher with clerical duties and other supportive tasks.